Craft Your Genius Life

Move Beyond Limiting Beliefs To Fulfill Your Destiny

Craft Your Genius Life is a complete toolkit for clarifying your life purpose, passion and unique genius and combining them together into a profitable business.


You're guided, step by step with exercises and concrete methods to gain the self knowledge and special gifts that reveal your greatest value and unique contribution.


You will also learn how to transform your fears, doubts, limiting beliefs and build confidence and trust in your unique spiritual role and destiny. With our effective support community, you'll build a sustained momentum and results.

  • Clarify your life purpose, unique genius and combine them profitablyl Styl

  • Acquire a toolkit for personal breakthroughs and financial successuilder

  • Learn how to empower any relationship regardless of formpported

  • See how Astrology will convert your challenges into opportunitiesported

Your book purchase makes you eligible for our bonus membership including all 18 book exercises, personal coaching and special events

The Life Crafting program allowed me to recognize and transform my limiting beliefs, increase my confidence and double my income. It guided me to create my unique Dynamic Wellness package allowing for maximum profitability.

Kathy McCommon

Dynamic Wellness

In Life Crafting, I broke through several key fears that opened the door to effective enrollment and getting more clients. I developed my signature package program and now selling it

Rhonda Ohlson

Authentic Communication

The program allowed me to clarify my life purpose which helped me set my optimum business goal. Now launching my fitness and mindfulness package program

Travis Groft

Fitness and Mindfulness Coach

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