The Magic of Astro Dice!

The Astro Dice consist of three, magical 12-sided cubes with Astrological Symbols.


They are a tool of inquiry that allows you to get insights and answers to your current questions and challenges in an enjoyable, safe manner. 

Typical Insights From The Astro Dice

  • Clarification of career goals and strategy

  • Resolution of business challenges such as with marketing or sales, clients or cash flow

  • Best way to resolve a family, relationship, or interpersonal, dating issue

  • Learn what's most important to learn spiritually at present time or how to overcome a crisis

  • Insights relating to a current health or emotional difficulty

Howard Sambol

Howard began the study of Astrology back in the 1970s in New York and quickly discovered it was a part of his DNA. During the years that followed, his intuitive skills and mastery grew along with his impact.

The most significant shift occurred as Howard continued to integrate numerous disciplines into his work such as the Life Crafting toolkit, Business and Transformational Coaching, NLP,  the Clear Your Beliefs™ Process and Spiritual Practices.


His new book "Craft Your Genius Life" contains a section on Astrology as a spiritual growth tool. 


Howard has been a presenter at Astrological Conferences and has also trained astrologers who are now in private practice. 


Beyond "readings," he will guide you to create breakthroughs!

My numerous astro dice sessions with Howard have allowed me to  "peel the onion" to get to the real issues and see an optimum path forward.

Kathy McCommon

Dynamic Wellness

Howard's Astro Dice sessions combine deep understanding of archetypes, intuition and powerful coaching but all very down to earth. They have helped me create many breakthroughs.

Rhonda Ohlson

Authentic Communication

The Astro dice often provided powerful answers to things that were really bugging me. I got to see a different perspective showing a new opportunity.

Travis Groft

Mindfullness and Fitness

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